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Pint Sized Pub Crawls

Join us on September 7, 2020

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From the organizers of the PAX Pokecrawl and Triwizard, we are holding a special online crawl for PAX Aus in our Discord!

About this Event:

Sadly with the Triwizard Drinking Tournament unable to be held in person this year, we didn't want that to stop us from our fundraising for Child's Play Charity! So we are holding our digital Pub Crawl in our Discord server! (

How is that going to work you ask? Great question! Starting at 4 pm PST we will be hanging out in various 'bars' (voice channels), these channels will be headed up by various volunteers challenged with battling for the highest amount raised for Child's Play for the duration of PAX Online via our customized online donation system given to us by Donor Drive!

While we don't require you to use a camera, it would help with getting to know everyone during the event, but voice participation is required.