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2020 PAX Pokemon League

Join us on September 7, 2020

Sorry, registrations are currently closed.

What is the PPL?:

The PAX Pokemon League is an unofficial decade long tradition, fan-run alternate reality game that is played at PAX!. With PAX changing we decided we needed to as well, so for the nine days of PAX Online you can find Gym Leaders, The Elite 6 and Our Champions on the PPL Discord! Queue up to battle leader, just like the PAX Handheld Lounge. Defeat them in a Pokemon battle (using your copy of Pokemon Sword/Shield) and you’ll receive their badge! If you can collect eight badges, you’ll earn the right to challenge the Elite Four, and perhaps a Champion, for the right to be crowned a Champion yourself!
The PAX Pokemon League is not a Pokemon tournament. Just like in the Pokemon games, ANYONE can bring a team of their favorite Pokemon and challenge the League!

How we are raising money: 

Throughout PAX Online, we are asking our community to donate towards which generation of Pokemon that they think is the best that ever was! 

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